Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MIA - Again!

Wow, today is July 15th and my first post of the month! I should know better than to make promises on how frequently I would be posting on here! My reasons are many - but mainly I just need to make it more of a priority! Summer has been in full swing for our family - camping trip to Ft. Stevens, beach trip to Lincoln City, visit from my grandfather up here from California, swimming lessons for Alex and potty training for Ava. I've also been taking a few dance classes myself this summer, which I've been very thoroughly enjoying! It has been nice to be together as a family and have some relaxation time as well!

Thanks for checking my blog and to those of you who comment - I love to hear your thoughts on my posts, keep it up!

Artwork, photos, recipes, info all to come soon - and, a new CTMH catalog in the not so distant future!

Allison :)

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