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Club Cat - Check It Out!

Club Cat

What is Club Cat?

Club Cat is a great way to purchase product on a monthly basis and be rewarded for your consistent purchases with FREE product from the Idea Book!   It works the same with Idea Book purchases, Studio J online scrapbooking purchases, or pre-made layout purchases.

How does it work?    It’s simple – you have two options:

1.            $25 per month option:
  • Purchase at least $25 per month (can be from the Idea Book, Studio J, or pre-made layouts).
  • Every six months, you get to choose an additional $25.00 in FREE product from the idea book.

2.             $15 per month option:
  • Purchase at least $15 per month (can be from the Idea Book, Studio J or pre-made layouts).
  • Every 10 months, you get to choose an additional $25.00 in FREE product from the idea book.

Frequently Asked Questions about Club Cat:

  • When can I start? - You may join at anytime, and your orders will continue on a rolling basis.   You can stay in the club as long as you’d like – once you begin a new term of membership (either 6 or ten months depending on your choice) you must order throughout the entire term to receive your hostess rewards. 
  • When do you need my order? – Orders are due on the 10th of each month.
  • Can I have multiple memberships? – YES!  You may have a double membership and receive double benefits – for example, if you have two $15 per month Club Cat memberships, you would order $30 each month and receive $25.00 in FREE product from the Idea Book twice within your 10 month club period. 
  • When do I receive my rewards? – I have a spreadsheet I use to track your club orders – the hostess rewards are given out in the order that you sign up for the club.  When it is your month, you are responsible for placing your normal order, and I will notify you that you are the hostess and then you choose your $25.00 in FREE product from the Idea Book and let me know what you’ve chosen!
  • How do I place my orders and make payment? – Call, e-mail or Facebook me with your order by the 10th of the month.  Then, mail me a check, have me run your debit/credit card or send paypal for payment.  If you are ordering Studio J products online, just notify me that you would like to use that option and I can track your purchases online.

Sign up now! Call me at (503) 312-5454 or e-mail at allisong@myctmh.com

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Amazing August Specials!

 Starting Aug. 15th, when you place a $75 order, CTMH will send you the "Pair-a-Phrase" double stamp set (two D-size stamp sets, packaged in one envelope) FREE to celebrate National Stamping Month.  The retail value on this double-set alone is $35.90 - HUGE savings!  

Plus, with the NEW Stamp of the Month program ($50 order = $5.00 SOTM set), you will automatically qualify to get the August SOTM Wicked for just $5.00.  AND, to celebrate the new changes to the Stamp of the Month program, the August Constant Campaign gives the "A Typeface" stamp set FREE to anyone who purchased the SOTM.  So let's look at what you get and what you pay in a nutshell:

A $75 order from Aug. 15th - Aug. 31st gives you:
-Two D-size stamp sets in the "Pair-a-Phrase" campaign - FREE (retail $35.90)
-August SOTM 'Wicked' - $5.00 (retail $17.95)
-Bonus stamp set "A Typeface" with $5.00 SOM purchase - FREE (retail $6.95)

That's FOUR stamp sets for just $5.00 (plus shipping) instead of $60.80 retail.  INCREDIBLE!  
Contact me today to take advantage of these great specials!