Thursday, February 5, 2009

Originals Card Workshop Samples

Colonial White Ribbon Samples (Unforgettable, Sarsparilla, and Perfect Day)
Chocolate Ribbon Samples (Caprice, That's Amore and Good Times)
Sweet Leaf Ribbon Samples (Paper Garden, Emporium and Life Delights)
Hollyhock Ribbon Samples (Daydream, Notebook and Magic Moments)

These are all samples from my upcoming Originals Card Workshop - later this month on February 25th. Go to my website for more details on the workshop. Basically, you'll be making 12 cards with one of the above paper/ribbon groups. With each paper pattern, you'll make one of each card design. Workshop includes full Designer Ribbon Round and Dainty Thoughts c-sized stamp set. Contact me today with your choices if you'd like to sign up for this workshop!

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