Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

These are the valentines I made for my four-year-old son's preschool class valentine party. Each one is filled with conversation heart candies. The top photo is the one I made for the boys. It is using Stardust papers, Shining Star and Simple Invites stamp sets, Bamboo, Topiary and Moonstruck inks and Moonstruck and White Daisy cardstock.

The second photo is the one I made for the girls. Sorry the photo is so blurry! I took this before Alex handed them out to his friends and when I uploaded the photos today, he'd already had his party, so I don't have any treats to re-take a photo of. For the girls, I used Daydream papers, Key To My Heart, Be True and Simple Invites stamp sets, Hollyhock and Lilac Mist inks, and Hollyhock and White Daisy cardstock.

I just cut a 4x6 sheet of Background and Texture paper (pattern paper) rolled it up and glued it the long way, then pinched one side horizontally and glued it, filled it up with candy, and stapled the other end vertically. It makes a super cute treat holder, and I just attached the valentine for each child on the front!

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